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6 Stone Birthstone Necklace- The Key To Our Hearts


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6 Stone Birthstone Necklace- The Key To Our Hearts

With this family birthstone necklace, Mom will always have the joy of knowing that each of her children are cherished.

An elegant 6 stone birthstone necklace is a beautiful way for your family to bond. Give this mothers necklace a personal touch by adding birthstones of your loved ones. Make them smile. We offer sterling silver custom birthstone necklaces embellished with high-quality cubic zirconia stones. 

Who Can Wear This Family Birthstone Necklace With 6 Stones? 

This six stone mothers necklace is the perfect gift for your favorite woman. Family members such as your spouse, aunts, nieces, cousins, mother, girlfriend, sister, and daughter. The list goes on and on. This gift is sure to delight your grandmother; remember that she has spoiled you with treats from the time you were a child. The time has come for you to show your love for grandma by giving her jewelry that honors her experiences throughout her life.

Grandmothers love their grandchildren and children more than anything else and would be happy to have a personalized necklace that allows them to carry their grandchildren with them everywhere. Custom jewelry is a huge passion for most grandmothers, and there is always room for more! You can combine two of Grandma’s favorite things in one delightful gift by giving her a birthstone necklace featuring the birthstones of her grandchildren.

You should get yourself a birthstone necklace with 6 stones as well. You will absolutely love this mom necklace, and you won’t regret it. All mothers deserve a gift like this.

Which Occasions Do You Give Someone A 6 Stone Birthstone necklace?

A personalized necklace is perfect for giving at any time of year, regardless of the day. Do not wait for a special day to express your appreciation to someone. A necklace like this would be appreciated by mothers. This gift highlights your thoughtfulness. Get a personalized family necklace for your mom or someone special in your life today. 

How To Place An Order?

 Select your loved ones’ birthstones from the drop-down menu .


When To Expect Your Order?

 Our master jewelers meticulously handcraft the 6 Stone Birthstone Necklace by hand to create the most beautiful birthstone necklace possible. Our master artisans will take about ten business days to complete this process, so we appreciate your patience. A custom necklace should take about 12 business days from the date you place your order to the day it is delivered to you. The process may take a little longer, but you will love your 6 Stone Birthstone Necklace. 


At, we are committed to ensuring you are satisfied with your 6 Stone Birthstone Necklace, so every item we offer comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We will issue a full refund if you receive your custom jewelry in an unsatisfactory condition due to our fault. However, please be advised that all personalized jewelry is final sale, so we ask you to ensure the information you enter is correct before submitting it. All returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery.




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